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07-19-2011, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
not sure if you're serious or just being obtuse

young players should be getting better as the season progresses... regardless of the coach. likewise, young players should have up and downs, regardless of the coach.

thing is, that with a coach that holds such a tight leash on young players, especially when it's a double-standard with the veterans, what tends to happen is that the ups/downs spikes are much bigger (and mostly because the lows are much lower than they need/should be... see Subban)

go no further than the comments, from vets/young players alike, we see consistently from the players who have played for Boucher in his short career...

some coaches are better than others at bringing the best out of their athletes, and Martin does not seem to be one of those (even while I'd also argue that he does an excellent job of getting a lot out of the team as a whole, DESPITE wasting even greater heights by treating hte young players as he does)
that's a nice theory you got there, thing is in reality it rarely happens that way...

asked you a few posts back to name 3 players (shouldnt be that hard, he coached +/- 15 years in this league) he screwed up with his methods, and I'm still waiting...

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