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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Question #1: Sorry I wasn't very clear. Obviously if he sucks and retires after 10 games he isn't worth the 1 million. What I meant when I said that was it would be worth the risk at 1 million given our cap situation being friendly, Kovalev being old could retire or even go back to Russia. They wouldn't keep him if he wasn't performing so what I mean is it would be worth the risk even if it didn't pan out, just due to the upside being worth it. Now if it was 5 million or even 1 million multiple years... I'd agree with you. But given that signing him could potentially have no negative affect on the team even if he does end up in the press box or retires, I just don't see the issue with taking a gamble. Also before I wasn't necessarily trying to compare him to Recchi as a player but rather compare the age difference and show that older players are still able to perform, even if they have had a bad season or two along the way. I don't think we should just assume Kovalev is finished.
So let me get this think that if Kovalev signed here with the Habs, then was so innefective he was waive him...that it wouldn't cause any distraction for the team?

Are you serious right now? Stop playin' yourself...if Kovalev were to suck so bad that the Habs would waive him, that means even before it got to that point, there would be tons of drama surrounding the team.

Question #2: If it works out that means he'd be a contributing 3rd line winger and mentor to some of our younger guys. In my eyes that is a grand slam because you're only paying the guy 1 million a season and he's a skilled vet who can step up and help out the top lines or PP in case of injury. How anyone could not see that as a grand slam is beyond me. I'm not saying it's the same as signing Crosby, I'm not even trying to say he'll have an 85pt season, but realistically speaking if Kovalev signs for 1 million and contributes on the 3rd line that's a home run in my books. Grand slam might have been overdoing it but ultimately in the context of hockey it's semantics. All I mean is if he fits the role for 1 million that's a great signing for both parties.
That's because I don't think Kovalev is able to contribute as a bit player...he never has, he never will.

All the other stuff you said imo is purely opinion and I'm not going to argue for or against it. We both have our opinions. I saw Kovy in Pittsburgh/Ottawa too. He appeared to be completely unmotivated and said all along he wanted to play here. If he's the one calling up PG offering good dollars for a chance I just can't see how a camp invite (try out) isn't worth while let alone spending 1 mil of cap space we have no where to spend it.
#1 - I'm not sure which part of my post you mean is 'purely opinion'...

#2 - You don't find there's something wrong with a player who was JUST moved from a bottom dweller to a 4th place team who was heading to the playoffs, yet STILL appears UNMOTIVATED? I don't know...I get red flags when I see that, something doesn't jive. If he loved Montreal that much that he can only be bothered to care enough to try to play in Montreal, then why did you leave???

Obviously given our cap room we could get Gorges, 4th Liner, even another depth player and still add Kovy at 1 million. I just don't see how adding a player for depth who could pan out even if it's not a high percentage chance isn't worth considering. If it does work out great we get a depth player who can help out a ton in terms of injuries. If it doesn't work out Kovalev gets to retire a hab like he should and it isn't like you'll be saying "**** now we can't sign another marginal 700k player because we signed Kovalev". We have plenty of room and the odds of needing another player if we signed Kovy, Gorges, wouldn't be that high. In fact even if we did we'd either have the room to sign that player when needed or have already signed them.
As I mentioned, Kovalev doesn't strike me as the type of player who would succeed in a 'depth role'. It's just not his profile.

Anyways neither of us are going to change our opinions. I still think Kovalev can be a factor for a team, maybe even ours. You seem to think that for the most part he's deteriorated to the point of being AHL worthy. (not your words mind you)
Not AHL worthy...just 'specific team' worthy. Meaning that Kovalev, IMO, could only have success on a team that plays a free flowing style of hockey. One where the coaches don't demand and require their wingers to come back deep and help out their defensman and a coach who doesn't emphasize keeping shifts short and most importantly, a team that is strong at even strength, that they can live with his ineffectiveness at 5 on 5.
know you say you know what you saw, I know what I saw when Tomas Plekanec had a bad season too. He bounced back
I never worried about Plekanec's bad year, I knew that he was able to adjust his game accordingly. He went into that offseason and noticed he had to change certain things about this game to have success.

Kovalev is a non-adaptable player...coaches, teamates, linemates have always have to adapt to HIM. That doesn't make him a bad just makes him a difficult fit.

Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
I don't think he fits the kind of team PG wants to build, he likes to slow the pace down and PG wants a team that can skate and push the pace of the game like Detroit does well. doesn't make Kovalev a bad player. Just means he needs the right kind of team to fit.

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