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Originally Posted by TheGoalJudge View Post
I wonder why DET never has these issues with young talented players. They all seem to pan out.

Do you guys think they just draft angels all the time and let them sink or swim and they always ****ing swim?

It's called player development. Something we don't have. FFS, if Patches didn't ask to stay in Hamilton he might not even be the player he is today.

Ya, let's draft a talented Belarussian, bring him up at 19 years old and then get pissed that he acted immaturely after we left him to fend for himself in Montreal of all places, not ****ing Columbus or Nashville.

Him and his bro are out partying with the mafia while Sidney Crosby is still sleeping in Mario's basement at 25 years old.

Chris Higgins looks like a 40 goal scorer then becomes (mod edit: garbage). If any of our young players has any hiccups or imperfections or character issues they are DONE. They get no support. We're lucky guys like Price and Subban are destined for greatness because it sure as hell wouldn't come from the organization.
I agree with you partially as far as mentoring players and giving them a better support system, this has been handled poorly imo. But at the same time these guys are not babies and should take a little more responsibility for their own actions.

Detroit keeps their players in the minors until they are are "over ripe" as Holland puts it. Sergei would never make it in their system as he wouldn't make the team until he is like 24 and would have bolted to the KHL. Lou and the Devils are the same way, either you conform to the team concept or you are done.

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