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07-19-2011, 02:25 PM
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The problem with players like Sergei in Montreal is that they fall for the hype surrounding them when they have any type of success. But, his work ethic was poor. How many times did we see him do a change when he should be getting back to check or not skating hard to get back to the defensive zone?


The kid has skills, but he has a bad attitude and a me first mentality. People here think every player that is offensively talented should never be traded and all deserve top 6 minutes no matter their play without the puck, or their attitude towards teammates and management.

Sergei walked from the team, the team didn't walk from him. He then sucked it up and went and played some hockey in Hamilton, and with that Montreal were the bigger of the two and called him up and gave him a second chance, if not a third chance cause there is well documented stories online with the media with Martin and coaches trying to work with him.

And all this talk of Montreal trying to protect Price more and putting more into Price is partial BS. If I am Montreal and know one player is a franchise type player I do put more into him. Price may have been immature partying and so on, but he wasn't hanging around with criminals like Sergei. Also, Price while riding the pines practiced his ass off and worked harder to get back to where he is today, Sergei skipped optional practices unlike Price because he felt owed and entitled. Price even called him out on it, showing leadership and dedication over Sergei's immaturity and bitterness.

Enough the Sergei back patting, too many are in denial over skill than that of the real issue. Team unity and fit, if he was an issue (which he was) then he has to be dealt with. Management gave him chances, he burned them.

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