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07-19-2011, 02:42 PM
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I don't understand the attachment people had to him here. It never made sense to me. He is lazy, and every year there is some stupid crisis involving him somehow. He always seems to cause problems...It's like drama follows him. He always needs to be the centre of attention. I can't stand it.

He isn't the only guy who always seemed to have drama around him. Guys like Koivu, Price, Theodore and Ribeiro always had some big drama issue at least once a year as well. The difference is that they at least didn't seem like they wanted it. A lot of it came accross as the media trying to make a story out of nothing. With Kovalev, he seemed to LIKE the drama. It was like he enjoyed it and encouraged it.

Every ****ing year...Secret Russian interviews and secret illnesses and secret walks on the old port with Bob Gainey...I can't stand it.

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