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07-19-2011, 03:39 PM
teh doors
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Players like sergei, ribeiro, theodore etc are the reason we have a team built more on character than flashiness with guys like gill, gionta, etc forming the core. if you want to succeed in montreal with flash you have to be mature - in the way that a guy like kovalev was, for example, and many others through the past.

Let's be serious, if most of us were seeing our names and faces flashing all around town in every newspaper and tv station it would probably turn you pretty arrogant too, partying etc. this probably doesn't happen for a guy like sergei in nashville, so he can focus on playing hockey, probably a good thing for him.

Some guys can handle it, some can't handle it properly. i think management has picked the right course for the team. whoever mentioned the wings and devils earlier was right, the habs are well on their way to working their way back to the class of the league and modelling themselves after those two franchises, if not in the standings than at least in the eyes of the other teams. there were some dark years for this team in the past 10-15 seasons, but things are looking stable and i anticipate a good year.

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