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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
So let me get this think that if Kovalev signed here with the Habs, then was so innefective he was waive him...that it wouldn't cause any distraction for the team?

Are you serious right now? Stop playin' yourself...if Kovalev were to suck so bad that the Habs would waive him, that means even before it got to that point, there would be tons of drama surrounding the team.

That's because I don't think Kovalev is able to contribute as a bit player...he never has, he never will.

#1 - I'm not sure which part of my post you mean is 'purely opinion'...

#2 - You don't find there's something wrong with a player who was JUST moved from a bottom dweller to a 4th place team who was heading to the playoffs, yet STILL appears UNMOTIVATED? I don't know...I get red flags when I see that, something doesn't jive. If he loved Montreal that much that he can only be bothered to care enough to try to play in Montreal, then why did you leave???

As I mentioned, Kovalev doesn't strike me as the type of player who would succeed in a 'depth role'. It's just not his profile.

Not AHL worthy...just 'specific team' worthy. Meaning that Kovalev, IMO, could only have success on a team that plays a free flowing style of hockey. One where the coaches don't demand and require their wingers to come back deep and help out their defensman and a coach who doesn't emphasize keeping shifts short and most importantly, a team that is strong at even strength, that they can live with his ineffectiveness at 5 on 5.

I never worried about Plekanec's bad year, I knew that he was able to adjust his game accordingly. He went into that offseason and noticed he had to change certain things about this game to have success.

Kovalev is a non-adaptable player...coaches, teamates, linemates have always have to adapt to HIM. That doesn't make him a bad just makes him a difficult fit.
I think you put far too much stock in a guy getting waived affecting the team. Kovalev would be signing here under the circumstance that no other teams want him and that he's at the end of his career. Like a try out. He would either retire or be waived/press box if he could not play at a 3rd line level.

The players most of them pay no attention to the media or that kind of crap on how they play. This isn't Kostitsyn and Hammer being accused of being involved with a known cocaine trafficker, it's Kovalev being signed for cheap based on potential to succeed and retiring or going off to Russia if he can't achieve that potential.

This happens all the time in sports. I don't get why all of the sudden because it's Kovalev and the habs you expect it to be any different. The fans make drama out of it and obsess and it's great for them but aside from getting relentlessly booed they have no bearing on how he or any other player on the team will play. Most players ignore the media entirely for a reason.

When other older players signed contracts or did try-outs and didn't succeed and were waived, retired, went off to a lesser league, it has never once been a problem. Sure the media in Montreal would act like idiots as would a ton of fans but that has no bearing on the team. If you think it affects more than just a small minority of players who likely lack confidence in the first place, then I don't know what to say to you. Kovalev failing here would be what it is. A failed attempt at coming back. You think PG and company base decisions on what would happen if they had to waive a guy? The only time that's ever an equation is when cap space isn't abundant and you need every last cent. This year this isn't the case for us. Even if nobody took him off waivers etc he would still not affect us negatively, we aren't using those dollars.

Why does it make any difference which aging vet we choose to fill that role with. Nobody viable is left on the market and the few people who are aren't going to sign for cheap and nor do they have the potential Kovalev has. I do agree with your point that other players have intangibles he doesn't have but lets not pretend a motivated and healthy Kovalev is useless either. We're trying to roll with 3 scoring lines this year and to do so consistently you need scoring depth. Even if it's a guy like Kovalev. Not saying it has to be, I just don't think it's nearly as dramatic a decision as a lot of people here make it out to be.

For starters a lot of those people saying that are haters who won't be happy regardless of how Kovy performs. They have their pre-conceived notion in their heads about how Kovy performs and they won't change their minds. But no amount of fan related drama is going to influence a PG decision. Whether or not he feels he can improve his team and depth will influence his decision. Not saying he shares my opinion on Kovalev far from it, but to bring up the drama aspect to me is quite laughable. It's blown way out of proportion in Montreal just like Kovalev not showing up is exaggerated to extreme levels. A guy who puts up almost a ppg doesn't show up only 1/5 games sorry to say but that's just false. (And no he doesn't have Lemieux level talent and chooses to only use it 1/5 times, the level of absurdity associated with comments like that ridiculous)

Plus I think it's ridiculous that some of you guys are implying that "Kovalev drama" is any better or worse than "SK, Koivu, AK, etc drama". Who gives an honest **** whether or not the player likes the drama, and assuming Kovy does with little to no proof other than not liking him is silly as well. There's no evidence to support that claim other than "you can just tell by his face" lmao.

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