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07-19-2011, 04:53 PM
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To Neofury:

The drama has about 10% to do of why i don't want Kovalev back...his play on the ice is the other 90% of why I don't want him back.

I just dont' think he's a very effective player anymore...if the game of hockey in the NHL was played 3 on 3, then yeah, I could see wanting Kovalev. But it's not...

It's great that the guy can stickhandle in the phone bootha and every once in a while, he actually uses his shot and is able to pick a corner. But that doesnt make up for the rest of his shortcomings (which i've gone over ad-nauseaum in this thread).

With all due respect...we're just not going to agree on this. I had the same debate with Habs fans who wanted Kovy back at the trade deadline and were up in arms he landed in Pittsburgh and were so convinced he'd kill it over there.

I thought that was enough proof of his ability to contribute at this stage of his career...but as long as people keep making up youtube packages with his best goals as a Hab, people will always believe he can help. Hell, I think that when he's 50yrs old...they'll be a thread on here about bringing back Kovalev lol (not you specifically btw)

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