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07-19-2011, 05:40 PM
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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
that's a nice theory you got there, thing is in reality it rarely happens that way...

have you ever competed or coached at the elite level in any sport? my "theory" as you call it comes from over a decade of personal experience, in various countries. Where does your "theory" come from?

and while my experience isn't with the sport of hockey, the same patterns are quite visible across all team sports.

it's actually more of the standard than the exception that coaches stick to outdated and ultimately unproductive approaches... that's why you have "greats" who defy logic and are able to maintain success over and over again, with different teams and different players, while some of their peers flounder and manage to move from job to job despite their lack of success.

Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
asked you a few posts back to name 3 players (shouldnt be that hard, he coached +/- 15 years in this league) he screwed up with his methods, and I'm still waiting...
again, a coach isn't responsible for "screwing up" a player, it's very simply a matter of some coaches being better than others at getting the best out of their athletes.

i don't know why you are fixated on the blame game, but it's not a black & white world. My point is simply that Martin has not done a good job of getting the most out of his young players, and I see it as being a rather direct result of coaching with a double-standard... something that can work some of the time, but ultimately wastes far too much talent/potential to be considered an effective approach (even while it's a "safer" one for an NHL coach, b/c it makes it easier for him to keep the expensive veterans in his good books, and as they say, it's easier to change the coach than it is to change the players, especially the expensive ones).

but for your pleasure, here's a list of young players who faltered under Martin but had success more or less immediately after going to another team/coach:

S.Kost, O'byrne, Latendresse, D'agostini... (i'll bet you can add Pouliot to the list next year)

hagman, huselius

i can't speak to any others simply because I'd only be relying on stats, and those can be misleading.

but those 7 players all went from being marginally used players to effective top-6 or top-9 players almost as soon as they went to another team/coach

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