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07-19-2011, 07:51 PM
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So SKost goes from the biggest setup in journalistic history to worst human being on the planet based on a translation of an Russian article made by incredible journalists (we all know that once our players leaves, those articles are never to be judged, only Montreal stories can...)

Having said all of that....let's say what he says it's true. That the group is tighter in Nashville than in Montreal....So what? Anybody's feelings hurt that much? He prefers to play there? And again....what's the problem? So we can take the players who say how great and incredible it's better to play here but can't accept people saying that it could be better elsewhere? Are we that sensible now? You hate when management and players give those incredible "Let's give our 100%" and don't say anything, yet when somebody will speak his mind..we also can't accept it?

And on the immature issue...yes he is. Doesn't make him a worst player. And frankly is little Sergei, alone, is a reason why our room was so divided and how he was incredibly disruptive for the entire room, sorry but it tells you more about the rest of the vets than Sergei himself. And then let's say he was THAT disruptive and a pain in the ass. Pretty sure he didn't start to be overnight. My guess would be that when he had some success (remember the thread about Getzlaf or both Kostys...), the Habs HAD to knew he was a pain. So if you can't do a thing about it, you trade him THEN. Not wait till he's worth nothing.

YES I know. He seemed ('cause nobody was in that room) to be not easy to work with and really immature. Sucks that while some teams can turnaround guys like that ('cause everybody is not Ryan White), we seemed to have a tougher time.....unless you are the exceptionals like Price and Subban. THEN you seem to worth it....If not, bebye. Go develop somewhere else. Not the greatest asset management. Doesn't make him less immature. But as a fan of MY team, I'd hope we'd work with every talent available out there even if it means working with all types of people and not just the milk drinkers....

It didn't end the way he wanted. He's pissed. As a matter of fact, he's not the only one with that feeling right now. Do we just happen to unfortunately draft all the immature players of the planet? Just a case of bad luck? Or should they, as an organization, look as to what they could have done wrong in his case and other cases? Nope. Easier to blame the spoiled little brat. Same brat who was supposed to never listen to his coach, was never doing anything right and yet, the first time he had the opportunity, sat down, FROM HIS OWN DEMAND, with Boucher to watch some videos. How can you go from the worst to the not so bad in 1 night?

Again, I repeat 'cause I'll have some those sensible ones on my back.....he HAS some responsability to take. BIG TIME. But he's not alone. And I believe it could have been avoided.

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