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07-19-2011, 08:45 PM
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I think it was Whitesnake who posted that to play for JM you already need to have a fire in you . I agreed with that and would go further, you also have to be a good player who is low on making mistakes. Problem is, young guys usually make mistakes and not all young players have a high maturity level. I think its great to have a team full of high character players and responsble ones also, but if the bar is set too high you will lose players who couldve helped the team if not now, in a couple of years. Take OByrne, I dont know why we traded this guy because he is the type of D-man we lack, big and developing a physical game. He wasnt played here but in Colorado he is playing top 3 minutes ( yes, its Colorado but Im sure hed be fine for the top 6-7 here ). In the TSN team write-up it said hes upped his game after the coaching staff showed confidence in him. Remember MaxPac in the off-season saying he didnt want to play in Montreal because hed be bottom 6 and he needed top 6 minutes to develop ? He also said when Carb was coach he could make mistakes but with JM he was essentially on pins and needless because if he made a mistake he was benched. It scares the hell out of me that if MaxPac didnt have such great internal toughness that we could have seen him go down the toilet because of JM and his , to me, hardass, doesnt know how to handle and develop young guys flaw. Id rather lose JM than players who may need a little patience and stroking.

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