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09-21-2005, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by SLake
LMAO, I always wince when I see people doing that. Common sense people, common sense.

When using a heat source (heat gun, blow torch, etc) with a shaft, make sure to keep the heat source moving. Do not simply focus all the heat on one point for too long. Simply keep the heat moving up and down the shaft in a slow and steady rhythm (no pun intended).

The blade should simply slide out when the glue loosens. Don't use any pliers, hammers, etc to pull the blade out or put it in. Pull the blade straight out, the shape of the shaft should not change at all.

Lastly, if the blade is still loose or wiggles in a particular direction (up-down, left-right, etc) you might want to take the blade out and put a piece of tape (cloth stick blade tape) over the hosel to make a snug fit (ie: if the blade wiggles left-right, you would put the tape over the hosel left to right). If you do this you will need to purchase a glue stick and reapply glue over the tape.

I know it might sound complicated, but it is really a simple process. Once you do it, you'll get the hang of it.

That's right on the money...If a vice is near you could put the shaft in a vice. Be careful, put cardboard around the piece of the shaft that's directly in the vice...I've seen composites partially crushed in them. Just snug it.

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