Thread: HockeyBuzz: Nazem Kadri for Kyle Turris?
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07-19-2011, 10:16 PM
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Originally Posted by rick3652 View Post
I am not sure if people know hockey that are writing on here. If Kadri is going on a two on one and he has the puck i would bet every thing i had he would shoot and not pass. I have seen him a lot. He gets nice goals but his game needs two things one he must learn to play defense and he needs to Pass the puck.

then some one trys to compare him to 7 other players each of them made the NHL in their first year and Kadri was sent back to the OHL his first year then sent back to the OHL the second year. And then they try him in the NHL as a 20 year old and then the coach says he has to go to the AHL to learn HOW TO PLAY HOCKEY. But when people come on here to say he is not that good then they are the ones that do not know what they are talking about.
Why are you questioning my knowledge of hockey with the statement I made? There is no reason for personal attacks in this discussion.

I have seen Kadri play a lot too, and he is adept at both scoring goals, and creating beautiful plays. Yes, sometimes the manner in which he scores goals is a one man show, and I understand how it could be construed that he can be selfish, but his overall game is far from that.

He is very good at adapting, and in that he does what's necessary to make something happen in the offensive zone. He hasn't really had quality linemates for several years now, so often times he does have to try do it all himself. During his second NHL stint last year though, you could tell how well his game was coming to form. I'm not saying he lit the league on fire, but he was beginning to show what he is capable of doing, and a lot of that involved his vision and passing ability.

In his draft year he put up 53 assists (more than double the goals he had, 25) in 56 games, and in the following year he had 58 assists in 56 games (scored 10 more goals than the previous year). In the playoffs that season he had 18 assists (double the amount of goals he had) in 12 games. Stats can be shallow, but how can a guy who put up just under an assist per game over his last 2 years in junior (who also had 47 assists in 46 playoff games in the playoffs, excluding his rookie season) need to learn how to pass the puck?

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