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10-21-2003, 02:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Mike Komisarek
Lol, i don't dislike Hossa per say, but it's been very dissapointing for me to watch him, probably because he's been overhyped from the start.

If people are happy watching him playing well on the boards(which he doesn't even do that well) and nothing else, thats a shame. And please don't say give him time, he's 21, i haven't seen any real 'flashes of brilliance' or anything to that extent to be impressed. If people are satisfied with him playing a physical role with this club(which by the way he isn't even doing really) and thats all, you probably haven't read the scouting reports. Or so is it that Marcel Hossa has been overhyped from the beginning and will never amount to what he was touted as, a top six foward in the habs organization, and the nhl?

We'll just have to wait and see and if he proves me wrong i will glady shut my mouth and show some respect. ;p
Of course he was hyped. Virtually every prospect is. Get over that part of things.

I can't see how you don't see Hossa's strong play along the boards. Guaranteed if you put virtually any other Hab on that left side (other than Ryder right now) and that Ribeiro line struggles. Hossa's been a huge strength on the boards. He has also generally been the defensive conscience on that line over the last few games.

I can see where you would be disappointed in Hossa. When he had his callups in the past, he was a real force offensively. Looked like a go-to-guy and could carry a scoring line on his own. Drove the net with authority, dominated the boards, averaged 5-6 shots a game. Excellent stuff. He hasn't shown a glimpse of that since. It's frustrating, but that's how prospects go. Let's hope he continues developing and starts showing more signs of playing with authority, because his game is all about power if he's going to fulfill his potential.

Give it time. Ryder at the same age was in the ECHL, whereas Hossa is a legit NHLer already.

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