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Originally Posted by Uwey View Post
I love debating.

To counter your point, had the organization sent him the farm to get all of his ducks in a row prior to playing in the NHL, including his fitness regime,that IMO is considered part of his developement.

Where I truly believe the Habs fell short, was giving this young man a sense of entitlement on the team because he was francophone as opposed to developing a pro skill, fitness level & work ethic, which in turn would have benefited both he & the team.
Again something based on assumptions and not reality.

When Lats came into his 2nd camp (one year after being drafted), the Habs wanted him to stay in the Q until he could go into the AHL by the end of that season, but Lats and his agent refused and not only wanted a contract, but also wanted the assurance that he would play in Montreal from the start of the contract. He even threatened to not sign and go back to the draft if he didn't play IN Montreal from the start.

Selective memory won't put the blame on the Habs. Lats never had the dedication needed, and was also sent into a primadona role by his agent and Quebec media. Habs wanted to do what was right for Lats, Lats is the one who forced something else. Something that he probably regrets today.

That sense of entitlement you're talking about wasn't given by the team. It was first promoted in the media, and then Lats and his agent took advantage of this by forcing the Habs to keep him up instead of going to the Q and then AHL.

Like I said before, people always put the fault on the teacher nowadays, yet students are more and more difficult, think everything is owed to them.

I followed Lats enough to know full well that he dug his own grave in Montreal.

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