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Originally Posted by Stradale View Post
And you're just in denial.

I don't know about you but I remember the camp of 09-10 quite well. Despite coming back from surgery, SK did good in the preseason games, except for his first game. He certainly plays as well, if not better than Latendresse, Lapierre, Chipchura, Pacioretty, Stewart etc... but for some reason, JM sent him to the Bulldogs.

Sergei went to AHL and Boucher only had good words for him.

He then came back with the Habs because we had so many injuries, playing on the third line. I remember on this board, we were wondering why Sergei did not play on the PP, while a guy like Darche had plenty.

It was pretty obvious that Martin didn't like Sergei. You're blind if you can't see that.
What did you expect Boucher to say? On the record coaches rarely have anything to say unless you are a Keenan or Tortorella.

It has nothing to do with JM liking or not liking SK, if JM hated anybody it was Latendresse, he had him in the doghouse from day 1. SK was sent to Hamilton primarily because he showed up to camp out of shape and had a couple of incidents on top of that and the front office had enough. SK doesn't have the skill level to play in the NHL with a poor work ethic and conditionning, he isn't Kovalchuk or Ovechkin. He needs to step it up in Nashville or end up in the doghouse there.

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