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07-20-2011, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by flyersfan9180 View Post
I understand that Vokoun signed a hell of a deal in Washington, but i would rather have Bryz. He is heading into his prime and has been an elite goalie(i know Vokoun hasnt been bad either) Plus he is much younger.

I also realize one argument will be if we signed Vokoun to that cheap contract carter or Richards might not have been traded. I feel like Snider and Holmgren made up their mind this offseason that there was something wrong with those players, whether in the locker room or work ethic, they weren't gonna stay in Philadelphia past this offseason. Holmgren was upset probably because he put some much stock into the kids that they would turn their problems around but they never seemed to.

The flyers made moves that they thought would help the orginazation and its unfair to past judgement now because the season hasn't even begun. So many people have written us off already just cuz we traded Richie and Carts. I feel like thats the typical philly fan and its sad. Im extremely excited to see what Claude Giroux does this season with all the opportunity to become a superstar in the league.
I agree with your general sentiment. I'm not mad about the Vokoun versus Bryz thing. I preferred Bryz as well.

That said, I don't think the people that are mad about Vokoun are wrong, persay. It was easily predicted.

As to the bolded...
I disagree about "the typical philly fan". I personally think Flyers fans are a different animal that the rest of Philadelphia Sports fans. It pains me to say this but I actually really agree with something Mike Missanelli said a few weeks back.

He essentially said that Flyers fans are sheep and drink the Kool Aid of the front office. Someone called in and wanted to talk Flyers and was spouting about how the team is going to be better, etc. Missanelli then said, and I couldn't agree more: (I'm paraphrasing) "I don't get you Flyers fans. The Flyers are the complete definition of an unknown right now. Half the team has been turned over. Your best defenseman is hurt and old. Your other best defenseman is old. You're heavily relying on a bunch of unknowns to produce offensively. Yes they have tons of talent, but it is completely illogical to make claims that they are better right now; because nobody knows. They could be, but they also may not be."

I just think he hit the nail on the head. Time and time again, I get in discussions with friends/family (who are typical Flyers fans imo), who just eat up anything and everything the front office does.

I think we all have every right to be EXCITED about this team. I certainly am, but that doesn't mean people aren't allowed to criticize specific things, even little moves.

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