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07-20-2011, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by mcsauer2738 View Post
so stamkos will hit ufa in his prime, verrayyy nicceeee
So this^, with congrats to TBL.
If true, the player agreed to a comparatively moderate to cheap number instead of ultimately trying for a longer term at bigger dollars.

But again, he's expedited his path to free agency.

I did think SS would again wind up w/TBL.
I wasn't sure if they'd have to move LeCavalier or somebody to do that, but they did get it done.
I thought if they dropped a dime on LeCav, 10 years for Stamkos would not be a critical concern if the payout could be structured.

But Stamkos apparently wanted more than minimal, less than long term.

It's a win-win across the board for now..

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