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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
No offense but normally I find your blog entries have a bit of a pessimistic tone to them. (As well as many of your HF posts)

That isn't to say you don't make good points but I just find often times you see the glass half empty.

With this post you see the brighter side. Obviously being the optimist that I am I can relate to this kind of post a lot more easily than some of your others. This one I give the thumbs up to though. Never really had a problem with your writing style in the past and think it's very cool you run a bilingual blog, but rather just disagreed with many of your opinions.

Either way it's nice to see you're diversifying and not always seeing the glass half empty. We have a team worthy of getting excited about!
No offense taken. Part of the reason for the name of the blog (The Instigator) is due to the fact that I will often look at the other side of the medal, which normally goes against the flow. This will, more often than not, instigate something, a reaction, not always positive, on some readers.

I actually take some pride in being controversial and shocking in my blogs, with some of my comments. There is no doubt that my way of seeing things is not the easy path, and it has little to do with rocking the boat, but more to do with writing with my guts, letting it all out even when knowing that I'll get pounced on for thinking that way.

As for the glass half empty, I can certainly see where you're coming from. But if you go back to read those blogs since October of last year, you will find a fair bit of "positive", even in the so-called "negativity". I find however very difficult to see things the way many do, excusing what I consider incompetence at the management level, sometimes at the players' level, considering that the team that I love since the 60's has been struggling to fight for a playoffs' spot for so many years, without taking the next step.

Having said that, there are two things on which I'm working very hard on. English being my second language, the texts don't always flow the way I'd like them to. Also, I do try to not make things personal either with the readers, or with the people targeted in my blogs.

Thanks for the comment though, much appreciated.

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