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Originally Posted by AlanHUK View Post
for the UK

1. Football(soccer)
2. International Cricket
3. International Rugby
4. Domestic Rugby
5. Domestic Cricket
6. Ice Hockey
Overestimating the relative level of hockey interest with this list. Of course it depends on the parameters you are setting here (Attendance, TV figures, general media itnerest, recreational numbers etc). I'd suggest basketball is much more popular than ice hockey (Though not in white communities i must add) whilst even leagues like the NFL are bigger here than the NHL. Ice hockey is a long long way behind a sport like Rugby league for instance. It's nowhere relative to mild mainstream sports.

Originally Posted by AlanHUK View Post
Growth, slow, though Nottingham Panthers have been getting bigger attendences than all the other teams in Nottingham besides Forest in the past few seasons.

The UK need to add Manchester and London to the main league, to create more national interest and I'd also consider Rebranding Braehead as Glasgow due to how close they are geographicaly.

In terms of TV audience hockey is obviously going to be low, it's only just been put back on live TV again by Sky, and hopefully they will show more games this season.

But most teams if you believe the leagues figures have seen attendence increase, the league overall this season saw a 200 person per game drop off, but that has a lot to do with 2 new teams entering the league and not having an established fanbase.

I'd advise taking a trip up to Nottingham for the playoffs, the city is just full of hockey jerseys from all kind of leagues.

Nottingham's ice center have been pushing their learn to skate program with youth hockey now for the last couple of seasons as well, I can't speak for other cities but it is getting there.
I really can't speak about Nottingham. I've never been there and don't follow whatever the domestic league is now branded. Im sure there is some growth within Nottingham, but i imagine its minute incomparison to other sports.

I'd be intrigued to see the number of registered players in the UK. I imagine it's incredibly small. I've only ever met one person who has actually played the sport (Weirdly enough, he went to Nottingham university). Due to high expenses of the sport, the ridiculous competition of other sports, the entrenched views about ice hockey (Negative) and entrenched love of football, lack of real hockey tradition, no ice rinks and no large funding, i really don't see British ice hockey going anywhere. As you said, it is definitely hurt by being very very regionalised too. It may be "relatively" popular in Nottingham, but for every small area of "high" density number of fans, you have large urban areas with no culture for the sport.

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