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Originally Posted by MsWoof View Post
The best scenario would have been for Snider to say NOTHING, and that would have kept both Bryz and Vokoun unsure of which of the two Holmgren was going after. You don't tell the world what your plan is because that's not how good negotiations work.

I think the other problem a lot of us have is that it's the second year in a row that this type of thing has happened, the first being with MFL getting a contract he totally didn't deserve.
Of course, Snider staying out of things would have been a much sharper business move. This year versus last year, IMHO, is far from comparable in that Paul Holmgren signed a quality goaltender, whereas last off-season was a complete exercise in mess-uppery. As much as he overpaid for Bryzgalov, Holmgren did land the #1 targetted FA at a position for which the team has been in desperate need.

Snider could, of course, also have gone C. Mongomery Burns:

Bryz: (stepping into Snider's personal jet): "... wish to thank you, Mr. Snider, for your generous ... what the hell?"

Snider: "Mr. Bryzgalov, I believe you know Mr. Vokoun. We will do away with idle chit-chat. This plane will take off at my command with the two of you on board, and circle Philadelphia for exactly one hour. You will find an assortment of weapons stashed around the cabin, so feel free to make use of them. When this plane lands, I will be waiting with an unsigned 5-year contract for $3 million per year. Whoever remains alive will have the pleasure of signing it.

"Good luck to you both." (slams door)

Incidentally, MsWoof, I love your new avatar. I have one request: every first post in a thread should be started with:

OH YEAH!!!!!

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