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Originally Posted by ben3001 View Post
I would seriously recommend you broaden your horizons past the partisan opinion of the Sun and look at the core issues being debated here. I don't believe that anyone is against having a new sports franchise in Ottawa nor that something had to be done with the Lansdowne Park. However there are serious issues of ethics and values that we hold as a society that need to be addressed and that are being swept under the rug with this development. In particular, there is a clear loss of the understanding of what a public space consists of and how it should be developed. In North America the issue of public space has always been a hard one to understand, but no matter how blurry the concept, the biggest public space in the city should never in any way be turned away to a single source development plan that had no open public call for entry. Secondly, it should remain public and not be the terrain for speculation driven development and privatized commercial activity. Furthermore the whole process through which this project came to life has since the start been overshadowed by shady deals and very questionable agreements. There are still some serious risks for the city to get involve with this project that revolve around how the deal was basically brokered for and to the benefit of the developers of the site.

The greatest shame I see with Lansdowne is however how once again an issue worth debating and talking about has been spun in such a way as to create a direct polarity of position to clearly avoid real discussion on the matter. I would of told you to read the Ottawa Citizen's blogger Maria Cook on the matter (the wife of one of the most respected architects in Ottawa and a great journalist) but her blog was shut down by Minto and friends. It is much easier to insite hatred for "snobby whinny leftist glebe residents" than to actually have a calm and collected debate on the mater. As such, issues like the nature and occupation of public space; the worrying of monopole profit driven corporations like Minto in the development of Ottawa at the cost of quality of life and good design; as well as the questionable involvement of previous city administration officials with developers are all being swept aside in a slurry of incendiary comments.
well all i can say to you is no matter how shady and unethical it is to you. i'm pretty sure every step taken has been 100% legal, yes that's right, legal and the friends of landsdown are wasting tax payers money.

in fact i would propose that after this crap is over friends of landsdown should have to foot the bill for us taxpayers who just want this over with and the stadium fixed.

you are naive to think politics and money will be 100 ethical.

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