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Originally Posted by Shanny View Post
....annnd again
Originally Posted by Shanny
The stadium has been there for over 100 years, traffic wasn't an issue before(unless of course you live in the glebe and don't like seeing cars parked on a city street in front of your house).

Repeating something that is false over and over, never makes it true.

According to the transportation/traffic study done for Landsdowne Live, it is anticipated that during the busiest time period, new traffic on: Bank Street would be 100 to 120 vehicles per hour (vph) per direction, which is 2 “new” vehicles per minute. (Existing two-way traffic on Bank Street is currently 1700 vph during commuter peak hours.)

Remember Shanny, this is not traffic due to any special event, just everyday routine traffic. Broken down, that is a car every 2 secs in each direction. By most people's definition, this volume of traffic on streets controlled with traffic lights, is a driver's nightmare.

Impact of special events under the Lansdowne proposal
An important part of this strategy is to encourage those who choose to take transit, cycle or use the off-site parking. This would be accomplished by making transit, off-site parking, shuttle services, and secure on-site bicycle parking corrals free and included in the cost in the ticket price. The price increase would range from $0.60 to $5 per ticket depending on the size of the event.

Special events with attendance of 10,000. Most intersections would continue to operate at good levels of service. For events of this size all parking could be accommodated on-site and on the streets within the study area. Transit frequency would be increased on regular bus routes to accommodate increased demand.

Special events with attendance of 25,000. These types of special events would happen infrequently –approximately 10 to 15 times per year. To support them, it is proposed that OC Transpo operate special direct routes that make use of their major suburban park-and-ride lots. Further, transit service increases on OC Transpo’s regular routes would supplement the areas not served by these special routes. In addition, off-site parking with frequent shuttle service in the area of Carleton University and in the vicinity of Confederation Heights would bring people to the site. The preferred routing for the shuttles is via Bronson Avenue and Queen Elizabeth Driveway.

Bank Street intersections would be improved during 25,000-person events by using parking restrictions to create two traffic lanes for vehicles travelling toward Lansdowne, similar to restrictions during the afternoon commuter peak.

Special events with attendance of 40,000. On -site parking will not be available and about 7,000 off-site parking spaces would be required. Except for those who park on the streets, all event-goers arriving by car would access the Lansdowne site by shuttle bus from off-site parking areas. Traffic police would be needed to direct key intersections. Bank Street and Queen Elizabeth Driveway would be closed around Lansdowne to facilitate the safe arrival and departure of event-goers.

Based on this, I think it is pretty safe to say the city realizes the potential traffic issues, and plans to take extraordinary measures, even if you fail to acknowledge the potential problem.

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