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07-21-2011, 07:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Holdurbreathe View Post
FYI, Glieberman owned the Gades!!!!!

Fact: Riders attendance was atrocious, led to Chen folding the team in 1996.

Fact: Renegades attendance was atrocious, the team lost millions, in 2006 folded after only four years.

Using traffic samples from games played under these ownerships isn't a relevant sample, since attendance never got close to capacity.
I'll reiterate, I was their for the Grey Cup(54 000), and a buddy of mine was their for the Rollling Stones concert(45 000) a few years back as well. Their were a number of slowdowns in that area(which is to be expected) but no where near as bad as people seem to be making it out to be.

Besides, on gamedays(only 10 times a year) there will be considerably less people at lansdowne then there were at those 2 events I just mentioned.

Also just curious, were you there for the Fifa World Cup games, aside from the cracks found in the concrete.....those games were a huge success(and yes parking wasn't a huge issue then as well).

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