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07-21-2011, 07:38 AM
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I for one can tell you that hockey in Croatia recived a huge boom in the past couple of years, but our main problem is player pool wich is pretty slim, but more and more kids are starting to play hockey in Zagreb. Last year every game of Medveščak was sold out, and they've managed to fill Arena Zagreb (more than 15000 in attendance capacity) for 4 games, there have also been some talks about them possibly joining KHL a couple of years down the road, Medveščak had singlehandedly raise the attendance numbers for austrian EBEL by quite a bit. You also forgot Slovenia, wich is a country where hockey is fairly popular sport.

Team sports in Croatia:
1. Football - some sort of a religion, and it has no real competition, despite the fact that our biggest success was 3rd place in the world, while we were world champions in all sports mentioned below except hockey
2. Handball - one of the most succesfull nations in sports history alongside France, Sweden and Russia (SSSR), home of the two time Champions league winner Badel Zagreb, and home of Ivano Balić the best handball player of all-time
3. Basketball - it's been on the downward trajectory, but it's trending upwards recently
4. Waterpolo - one of the four best national teams in the world alongside Serbia, Montenegro and Hungary, and home of the best team in sports history in Mladost Zagreb (waterpolo's equivalent of Montreal Canadiens)
5. Hockey - trending upwards, but I doubt it will ever crack the top 4 since all of sports mentioned above are considered national sports

1. Football
2. Basketball
3. Handball/Hockey (hockey is trending upwards, especially with the emergance of Kopitar, and they have a strong hockey center in Jesenice)

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