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07-21-2011, 07:52 AM
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Originally Posted by VanSciver View Post
My opinion is an informed opinion based on the facts and the information available. Give me some facts or provide a link to an article writen by a credible NHL analyst that supports your opinion on Carle's play. Or is "ask anyone here" all you've got?
All defenseman have occasional lapses. It when you weigh a players positive play over his negative play. And Carle's positive play far outweighs the mistakes he makes.
I've been watching hockey since I was born. I've played defense since I was 10-years-old (I was an excellent skater who drifted back at a young age), and have watched and attempted to emulate defensemen for years.

Carle is a poor defender. He refuses to use his body in his own zone. He fails to use it to initiate contact or to protect the puck. As a result, he dumps the puck off to vacant wings or merely throws the puck into traffic. His one saving grace in his own zone is his shot-blocking, and he's very good at that.

Ruff knew it and put Buffalo's most physical line on the ice against the Syvret-Carle pairing (one of Lavi's mistakes in the playoffs). It directly led to them winning a game 1-0, as it was the only goal scored in that game.

There are no statistics to show his inability to use his body, only people who know what they're looking for and people who don't. You fall into the latter group, as you've failed to actuallly mention how he is a fine player in his own zone.

He was paid correctly when the Flyers traded for him and he deserves a modest raise. It will be somewhere between an offensive specialist and a #3/#4 go-between: 3.75-4. Anything else is absurd considering his defensive deficiencies. If he commands more, I hope he ends up in the Atlantic because the Flyers' coaching staff would have an easy job with him.

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