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Originally Posted by pepty View Post
The Friends of Lansdowne is made up of people who have moved in next to a stadium and a site that has been the center of sports in Ottawa for over a century and are trying deny that heritage and ensure a quiet neighborhood and will fight any project that injects any life into the place by whatever means possible.

Its interesting that for a group of people who are ready at the drop of a hat to accuse others of being crooked they are not very above board themselves. They have allied themselves with John Martin, who comes off like a slap chop salesman ,and his absurd Conservancy plan ,as though it is a viable alternative when in fact it would not be considered for a minute by any city anywhere.

It is profoundly undemocratic that if a group of people have the means the can derail and through their delays, override the decisions of city council.
My fear is if the city said ok were going to make everyone happy we will turn landsdown in a central park and build a new stadium and arena people still would not be happy.

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