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07-21-2011, 10:43 AM
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nyhabsfan should stay out of every AK "appreciation" thread. He just can't admit AK is a valuable player for us. He just want to ruin every AK thread.

If he didn't get injured in 09-10, he would have probably scored 20 goals again. Actually before getting injured he was one of our hottest player with 20 pts in 18 games. He broke his ankle and missed two months and had to start all over again. But of course, when MaxPac or Gomez gets a good 20 games streak, they are so good but when its AK, its just luck and nobody remembers it.

If he stayed healthy that season, he would have got his 4th straight 20 goals this season. Not that bad for a 3M$ guy.

Can he scored 30 goals with more consistency. Of course he can, he just didn't reach that point yet. But I'm just tired of hearing people say he can be a 40 goals scorer if he wants too.

Can Cammy be a 50 goals scorer? Yes he can. Will he ever.. i doubt so.
Can GIonta scored 40 goals next season? Will he? I don't think so.
Can Crosby get 160 pts a a season? Probably. Will he? Guess not..

Etc etc... My point is a player can't stay at the highest point of intensity of play throughout a 82 games season. There's always ups and downs in a season. Yes the best player are better than AK because they are way more consistent.

IF you watch last season, AK is not a lazy player, far from it. He does not float on the ice. He backchecks. His problem is inconsistency AND when he's off, he is really off. Takes bad decision, loses the puck, loses his footing at the worst time etc.. but it doesn't have anything to do with being lazy or taking shift off.

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