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07-21-2011, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by WaveRaven View Post
How exactly did OB Pooh Pooh the Jets coming back ? By being realists ?

I love it when posters blab about how with out the Moose we wouldn't have NHL. Who supported the Moose more 1290 or OB ? 1290 is a Johnny come lately to this dance has done next nothing over the years sports wise. I sure hope Chipman rewards the companies that helped him get here.

Another thing is that OB would promote the Jets on Bomber games which are broadcast all over the market area NW ont, SW MB, Northern MB.

IMHO 1290 would have to beat out OB by a wide wide margin before I'd give it them.
There is a big difference between being realists and being pessimists. Getting the NHL back took herculean efforts by people, and those people believed that it made good business sense because of the believers in this city, not the naysayers.

Leading the charge for the naysayers was CJOB. That they could reap the financial rewards of an NHL return angers me. Even their sister station Power 97 was very negative towards the possibility of the NHL's return, and once it became possible jumped on the bandwagon.

Nothing irritates me more than people who ride the coattails of others who have put in the work.

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