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07-21-2011, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by VanSciver View Post
Syvret blew the coverage on Kaleta there, not Carle. Carle was comong off the half wall and couldn't get back in time. Carle had his coverage on the play. I could show one video highlight from even the best of NHL defenseman that shows them making a mistake. Carle is not mistake free just every other NHL players isn't. Again, your focused on one blogger and one article. All of the evidence including statistical analysis, opinions of credible NHL analysts, and quotes from his Coaching staff and teammates support that Carle is a very good top 4 NHL defenseman. And no one on here with an opinion to the contrary has supplied any evidence to the contrary.
Your analysis of the play kind of illustrates that you don't understand defensive play. Part of being a good defenseman is exceptional positional play. You need to get to an area and use your body/frame(including stick) to occupy space. Space is a huge thing to give up in the defensive zone. Look at where Kaleta goes: he goes immediately to the space left vacant by Carle, which was his side of the net. Carle unnecessarily follows the play up the boards, gets caught, and somebody slides into his position for an easy rebound. A very good defenseman is there to clear the puck. A poor defender is caught out of position heading back towards his own net, despite the puck never leaving the zone.

That's a defensive failure leading to a loss. Syvret couldn't do anything given that Kaleta did not yet have the puck, and he still had to cover the play shifting from point to point. Carle's responsibility as a weak side defenseman is to shift over to the front of the net. He didn't, and followed the play up the boards as a forward would do in anticipation of a breakout.

And I'm addressing the article you posted, guy. What else am I supposed to address given you just keep telling us the stats in the article speak for themselves?

Matt Carle fits into the line-up because of favorable pairings. A lot of people saw what the Bruins and Sabres did to him in the playoffs, and he's going to be chasing a lot of dump-ins this season as a result.

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