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07-21-2011, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by hawthy View Post
Despite the argument that a process was not followed in terms of competition for redevelopment, the FOL are not fooling me (or most, I should say) when it comes to what is really being attacked here. If the city sole sourced the redevelopment to a group who was bringing a more favourable design and plan to the Park (one that essentially turns Lansdowne into a space that doesn't bring high volumes of people into their lefty little neighbourhood), the issue of sole sourcing the redevelopment wouldn't be an issue.
You're absolutely correct that the FOL group probably wouldn't be complaining about the sole sourcing process in that situation. That being said, had that happened, you probably would have had another group that's complaining about it. Transparency is key when it comes to governments spending our money, which is why procedures are in place to ensure politicians aren't giving our money to their friends such that when they get kicked out of office they have a cushy job waiting for them. If there had been transparency, a 60 million dollar mistake like the one OSEG made would have likely been caught before hand, and we wouldn't have had to wait for a court case to find out about it when the city knew a month beforehand that such a mistake had been made.

I am not talking about the conservacy group as odd as it sounds i support there plan i think they do infact have a real soolid plan and it could work.
The conservacy group was just an example to show that a park will not necessarily cost more than a stadium.

Hyde Park
Some private citizens have said they want a hyde park and when that park was built it did cost $500 million.
Just because they want a hyde park, doesn't mean it's going to be exactly like hyde park (is it the London or the Chicago one?). Ottawa is a significantly smaller city. Again, provide a source for one of these "ideas" that would build a park in Ottawa that would cost more than building the stadium

Pro Sports
They do have a impact just think it this way with out the senators there would have been no world juniors no womens championship etc which bring in tons of money.
Again, those studies have taken these things into account. These events are great, and if they are going to bring in so much money, why does the government have to get involved to pay the capital cost of a stadium? If great money is to be made, why aren't private investors jumping at the opportunity to build these things using 100% of their own money?

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