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Originally Posted by Stradale View Post
Don't bother, the guy is clearly a hater. Always using the same cliche. He's Kovalev v.2.0, he shows up one game out of 6, he's lazy, he wants to go back to Russia etc...

AK last year with Plek, Eller was around a 0.7PPG. He would have got around 55 pts if he played all season with these two guys. He has something like 0 pts in 15 games with Gomez. 55 pts for AK is more than expected for AK. But again, even if he gets 55 pts.. the hater, such as nhf will say that he could easily get 150 pts, cause apparently, he is just as good as Crosby, better than Datsyuk and Zett.. but because AK works only 1 game out of 6.. he's a ****ing lazy euro.

nyhabsfan said he plays one game out of 6, pretty proves that he didn't watch the games last season last season. AK with Plek and Eller was pretty consistent. Not always, but he was a legit top 6 player.

People forget that AK is on top 4 in almost every offensive category. Christ he only have one pt less than the Captain... just as many game winning goal... and apparently, he did that by playing 1 game out of 6.. which mean around 13 games a season. Righttt..
I knew you were his brother I have proof.

If he is all that in a bag of chips...then why did he move from the top 6 to the bottom 6?

I've watched more games that you have in your lifetime, unless you became a Habs fan befoer 1975.

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