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Originally Posted by nyhabsfan View Post
I knew you were his brother I have proof.

If he is all that in a bag of chips...then why did he move from the top 6 to the bottom 6?

I've watched more games that you have in your lifetime, unless you became a Habs fan befoer 1975.
I'm actually surprised that you are that old with the level of maturity in your post.

Now I have proof that you either didn't watch the game last season or just don't understand it. Why AK played on the bottom 6? Because Gomez was absolute Garbage. You didn't see that did you.

AK played 8 games with Gomez before Martin put him with Eller, he had 0g, 0a -8 with Gomez-. He was then put with Eller and start producing again at a ppg rate despite playing 12min a game instead of 17-18. See, that proves youre just a hater. Instead of giving him credit for playing better after being "demoted", you are wondering why he's on the bottom 6.

Again if you put aside the 15 games AK played with Gomez past season where he had like 1 assist, he had a good season on the wing of Plek and Eller.

You like to play the question game. Here's some for you.

Who has the most game winning goal last season?
Who has the most hit?
Who is in the top 4 in almost offensive category.

Look then guy is making 3M and giving us 20 goals in the last 4 seasons(he actually had 15 last year but in only 59 games)

You are a hater. Stop concentrating on when a puck bounces on his stick and enjoy when he scores or put Chara on his ass instead.

Anyways, want to believe or not, he wasma valuable player for us last season. His 6 gwg proves it. The team winning 17 games out of 19 proves hit. Being the only guy that can distribute big hit in our top 6 when MP is not there is also something that we should credit him too.

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