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Originally Posted by Prustqvist24 View Post
The coach of the team didn't think Zuccarello was good enough to play the full year in the NHL. Fast forward a season, add Richards to the lineup and subtract the ... 29 games played by Prospal and 24 by Drury. We didn't lose any other forwards, but added Richards. Hagelin and Thomas MAY challenge for roster spots. Unless Zuccarello can provide more, tell me how his chances of sticking with the big club has improved.

Don't throw your lame "fans like yourself" crap my way unless you mean knowledgeable ones whose position on Zuccarello has absolutely nothing to do with his size and everything to do with having the best possible lineup on the ice this season. I don't care whether Zuccarello plays or not; he's a likeable player and I HOPE he shows up looking much improved, but if he hasn't added a dimension to his game or adjusted enough to be a consistent offensive threat, than he will not be good enough to crack our roster. Just because you have absolutely no argument, doesn't make "glad fans like you aren't coaching the team" a quality rebuttal. It just makes you look silly.
Newsflash: He was a ROOKIE.

Yes he was inconsistent, as are most rookies in the NHL.

Boy your going to be in for a big suprise come October when hes on the starting roster. You just can't look past his size and look at the skill he could bring.

I'll have to save this convo in my box for a later date.

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