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D Bill Juzda

2x Stanley Cup Champion
2x All Star Game Participant
AHL 2nd-Team All Star, 1953

Bill Juzda, a hard hitting, stay at home defenseman in the 1940s, had two nicknames.

He was best known as "The Beast" because of his physical exuberance he preferred while delivering defensive excellence, shutting down even the most explosive of the NHL's offensive stars.

But if there was one star he was best known for battling it was Montreal's Rocket Richard. Their continuing war earned Juzda the unofficial moniker of Richard's Anglo Nemesis.

In fact, the 5'9" and 180lb defenseman who was known for his bone-rattling bodychecks is best remembered for the night he hit Rocket Richard so hard that the Plexiglas broke. Plexiglas was still new back then, and no one thought it could be broken.

Juzda was an old school defenseman if there ever was one. He cared not about offense. He only scored 14 goals and 68 points in 398 games. But he took immense pride in his defensive play. The bruising bodychecker played the game rough and tough, but his penalty minute totals were very reasonable - just 398 minutes in as many games.

Juzda started his pro career with the New York Rangers in 1940-41. His career was interrupted for a couple of years when he served as a pilot in the Second World War. He was traded to the Leafs in 1948, and was an all-star in 1948 and '49. He won Stanley Cups with the Leafs in 1949 and 1951 before leaving the NHl in 1952.

Defenceman Bill Juzda used his 5'9" 190 lb. frame to punish opposing forwards with some of the hardest open ice hits of his era. He was not blessed with immense talent in the areas of skating and puck handling but he played his position effectively and was a difficult defender to get past.

Bill Juzda was the nemesis of Rocket Richard.

A giant among hockey players known for his running battles with Montreal
Canadiens star Rocket Richard has died.

Bill "The Beast" Juzda, who also won two Stanley Cups as a stay-at-home
defenceman with the Toronto Maple Leafs, died of cancer at age 87.

Stay-at-home was an apt description of Juzda in retirement, too. After his
playing career was over, he returned to his hometown Winnipeg, where he
worked as an engineer with the CPR. He coached amateur hockey at all levels,

A famous photograph shows Juzda and Rocket Richard after Juzda bodychecked
the Rocket into the boards and shattered the glass. "He was very
competitive. He was known as Rocket Richard's Anglo nemesis," Stuart said.

In another famous photo, he's on the ice when Bill Barilko scored the
Cup-winning overtime goal for the Maple Leafs in 1951.

He earned his nickname The Beast because of his crushing bodychecks. "He was
a very defensive defenceman, the old-fashioned kind," said Stuart.
"Actually, if you look at the penalty minutes, he had very few."

William Juzda (October 29, 1920 - February 17, 2008) was a Canadian professional ice hockey defencemen from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He played with the Toronto Maple Leafs and New York Rangers of the National Hockey League and won two Stanley Cups with the Leafs in 1949 and 1951. Although not a prolific goal scorer Juzda built a reputation as one of hockey's hardest hitters.

When the Winnipeg Maroons toured Czechoslovakia in the 1950's and '60s, hockey veterans still referred to a bone rattling hit as a "Juzda".

Players like Turk Broda, Bill Juzda, Bill Barilko, and Bill Mosienko achieved star status in the 1940s.

On defense the top four were Jimmy Thomson, Gus Mortson, Bill Juzda, and Barilko. None of them contributed much to the attack(Barilko's 6 goals matched the total of the other 3 combined!), but they certainly made life easier for their goalies.

Bill Juzda, a defenseman who had played for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the New York Rangers and was one of the most feared body checkers of his time...

Bill Juzda flashed a sensational solo dash that carried him the length of the rink to his first score as a Ranger

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