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07-21-2011, 07:12 PM
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Originally Posted by wjhl2009fan View Post
With out a major rink ottawa would not host many if any major concerts people would go to montreal and toronto and spend money there the end result not keeping there money in the ottawa economy.
That is correct, but that doesn't mean that it should be the tax payer that funds it. If building a major arena to host a sports team, concerts and events is truly a money maker, then no taxpayer dollars should be required to build it. A smart businessman/woman/group should be able to convince enough investors in the community to finance the construction of the facility so that they can all profit from it. Ottawa already has a major rink, it's called Scotiabank place, and an insignificant amount of taxpayer money went to build it, on top of the overpass they had to pay for. Meanwhile, the OSEG is getting the city to pay the entire cost of a stadium that they will profit from, while allowing them to build developments that they will also profit from on prime real estate.

Originally Posted by wjhl2009fan View Post
Just look at it this way if there were no senators no 67s are people as a rule would go to montreal to watch the habs or to watch the major jr eating at resturants etc so in alot of ways taking money out of the ottawa economy and investing it places such as montreal.
You assume much. How many "regular" people now can actually afford to go to the ACC? How many people actually would go to games in Montreal as often as they would go to Ottawa? The fact is, if the Senators disappeared tomorrow, the majority of the money that is spent to go to the games, buying Senators merchandise etc..., would simply be spent somewhere else in the city, thus creating no significant change in the local economy.

Originally Posted by wjhl2009fan View Post
Now does the economy grow significantly no of course not the same can be said about festivals etc its all gambles and some times they pay off.As i said before with the aprk private citizens have said they would like a hyde park did they make a offer no as there just citizens with wishes just as some wanta new library et people have thigns they wanta nd thats fine i am just pointing it out.
They can gamble, but they shouldn't do it with taxpayer money.

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