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07-21-2011, 07:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Ya, I'm pretty sure Lucic isn't scared to go in the corners to battle with Gionta.
But that's not what I, or anybody else for that matter, should care about. I care about our team, as a whole, not how strong individual players are or how well they can fight. We have a guy that will drop the gloves. I don't care if he loses his fights like Kosto did, it sends a message that we are united and we will stick up for each other. That's all I care about. Sure would be great to have some big guys that can fight so we can pound some Bruins in, but that's being emotional, not rational. You're putting focus on physical beating some opponent. I really don't care about this.
When push comes to shove, we can take care of ourselves. I don't mind if Gill bear hugs everybody, I don't care if we lose every single fight we get into, I care about winning.
You mention that we had players like Komi, Bouillon, Begin, Kosto, etc.. before which made things easier for us. But didn't Komi get jumped from behind by Lucic in 08-09? Remember that game?? Again, the Bruins gooned it up. It wasn't as bad as beating a Pyatt with an elbow pad of Thornton fighting Hammer, but still they gooned it up. They ended up losing that game which made us clinch for the POs. We were battered with injuries and got swept in the POs, but still, it just goes to show, what matters is winning.
Last year, during that ridiculous game, people forget it was 8-6. It was 6-5 before they scored midway in the 3rd after a penalty call on DD. They decided to goon it up at the end.
The following game, we win 4-1. Chara took MaxPac's head off, but like I said, everybody here agrees those cheap shots are not preventable.
So tell me, we certainly didn't back down after getting bullied. We bounced back by winning 4-1, that's all I'll put my focus on.
Trying to justify the importance of a protector is ridiculous. It has very little barring on the game, a minimal impact at best. It's just fans that are simply sick of seeing the Habs lose physical fights that try to argue the importance of it.

Could we benefit from having a big tough guy?? Sure. I'm sure plenty of people, if not everybody, would welcome this addition.
Could his impact be as big as to influence the outcome of our season, or even just a few games?? I don't think so.
Maybe one game, just like Picard getting a GWG, it could happen to everybody. But chances are he'll hold very little impact.
I understand your mindset. I dont agree with it at all, but I understand where you are coming from.

You look at hockey as a competition based on X's and O's. If you have the best strategy, as in chess or in XBox, you can win the game. And dont get me wrong, hockey players are professionals and very well paid. They get the X's and the O's of the game.

But they are not robots, chess pieces or mindless players on a TV or computer screen. They are human beings. And as such, they are controlled by their MINDS. Basically every player has a certain skill set that they are capable of repeating in a game. That is why they signed a NHL contract while the rest of us are simply fans.

They do, however, have emotions. Any and every sport is based on skill AND emotions. Have you ever heard the talking head on TV say that this team "came out flat" and were outplayed? The guys still had their skill set. They just were not in the right emotional state.

The problem is that people as yourself do not understand the emotional aspect of any sports game. I will not venture to speculate why. However, you are wrong to dismiss that part of any game, from pee wee to the highest level, the NHL.

Emotional involvement cannot be measured. There is no "evidence" that you can pull up to see if Plekanec was on top of his game mentally or not. But it is real. And it is an integral part in the outcome of a "game".

That is one of the reasons why I am not a fan of Martin. He dismisses that aspect of the game. To him, it is X's and O's. Nothing more. And that is why I understand and realize that he is not a fan of having fighters on a team as he does not appreciate the emotional/momentum changing/exciting/inspiring aspect of that REAL part of hockey that was a part of the past in the NHL and is still present today.

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