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07-21-2011, 07:48 PM
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Originally Posted by wjhl2009fan View Post
While i agree tax payer money should not go to help build sports stadiums and arenas i aslo don't think tax payers money should be going to festivals etc if your saying sports should get no funding but festivals etc should get funding.As for moeny would be spent in other areas of the city yes to a degree but you still would see a fair mount of people go to montreal for some its a shorter distance to montreal then kanata.
We're not talking about festivals, we're talking about sports stadiums. Canadian Guy got exactly what I meant, and it's even worse in that they'll also get to profit by building on land in which they haven't paid market value for, while they will turn around and charge market value for the sale of condos, or the leasing of retail space at a premium.

And on top of that, the city has shown itself to be negligent in the way it has handled this deal, first when an exclusive clause in terms of building new stadium for the duration of the contract by any competitors, and now with the amount of revenue the city will get back to the amount of $60 million dollar. The only reason we know about the former is because the media did some digging and found that information, and the only reason we know of the former, is because it came out during the trial when the city had known about it for a whole month.

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