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Originally Posted by irisheyes555 View Post

1 - more money is more. one of these contracts and you and i are set for life. part may be ego(wanting the most of someone at your position) part may be pure greed(see NFL/NBA millionaires vs billionaires). if we have some extra cash why not sweeten the pot, that is a big if for us.

2a - see 1 regarding money and 2b regarding support.

2b - i think poile is trying to work deals in order to bring more O to the team, maybe rads, maybe some other RFA. remember there can be quite a bit of compensation(up to 4 #1 picks depending on what they guy currently makes). not sure crosby or ovecheckin are worth that much.

4 - minor issue given the above

5 - getting them to spend above the midpoint cap-wise will be tough(business after all). but no YOUNG star wants to think he is just getting paid and has no chance to go further with no support. old stars are in it either to win the cup or get paid, not both.

6 - see 5 above. it is one of those chicken and egg deals. foppa deal left a bad aftertaste in my mouth. yea at the time it seemed great, but the returns were far less than what we paid, see current philly team. i know if you don't try to change anything nothing is likely to change. just hard to go "all in" with an average hand. of course this year is as optomistic as we have ever been going into a season, so maybe now is the time to roll the dice.(OK no more gambling references)
Do you by chance have a gambling problem?

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