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Originally Posted by Kellogs View Post
And on top of that, the city has shown itself to be negligent in the way it has handled this deal, first when an exclusive clause in terms of building new stadium for the duration of the contract by any competitors, and now with the amount of revenue the city will get back to the amount of $60 million dollar. The only reason we know about the former is because the media did some digging and found that information, and the only reason we know of the former, is because it came out during the trial when the city had known about it for a whole month.
What does that even mean? The building of the stadium will go to tender.

.The Friends of Lansdowne are the quintessential " Not in My Back Yard group", and its funny in a way that anyone at all is buying the nonsense they're selling.

Council and the city have done their job on this one, I doubt any project has had the painstaking reviews that this one has.

The Conservancy is a joke, but then its not expected to be seriously considered but is a means to delay and derail the real project.

I look forward to the day there is football back and soccer a well as hockey at Lansdowne, and some life in this city.

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