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Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
Wow, I hope you simply forgot to post the sarcastic smiley face.

Montreal without Gorges or Markov or Pacioretty (or even Cole) took the Stanley Cup Champions to over time of game seven and barely lost. Over the 7 games, we scored the same number of goals as the Bruins. Are you really going to try and tell anyone that Markov doesn't score at least 1 valuable goal or make at least a single assist on a valuable goal if he were playing??? Our team is quite strong, even with the perceived weakness of Gomez as our #2 center. Markov, as long as he stays healthy, makes us a contender in the East. We are not guaranteed to win the Cup, but providing we stay healthy, we can sure as heck challenge for it.

How you think we can not challenge for the Cup WITH a healthy Markov when we have done as well as we have over the last 2 seasons without him is...mind boggling.

The Sabres are a good team, and will be a strong contender as long as Roy recovers from his injury, Erhoff continues his offensive development and we learn if he was helping the Sedins or simply benefited from their offensive creativity, and as long as Myers returns to form.

Our core consists of guys like Cammalleri, Gionta, Plekanec, Subban and Price, all back from last year. We now add a healthy Markov, Cole, Pacioretty, and Gorges, and that is looking quite nice. We also hope some kids like Eller, Desharnais, and Yemelin step up and prove that they have what it takes to play in this league. We have strong role players like Gill and Darche. Finally, we have guys like Gomez and Kostitsyn who may or may not be very good or very bad on any given night. In other words, we have an improved version of the team that went to the Eastern Conference Finals 2 years ago, and almost beat the Cup Champions in 7 games last year. That really doesn't excite you as a Habs fan??

Man, the only thing I am holding out some hope for is that we spend some money to get Scott Hannan to play for our defence and hurt some people, and that we sign a guy like Brad Winchester to give us some more beef. We have as good a chance to be #1 in our division as Buffalo or Boston, and considering how well we played Boston throughout the season, including the playoffs, I like our chances better than Boston's...especially now that Shanahan will be in charge of disciplining infractions rather than "Daddy" Campbell.

GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lets stop this nonsene how we came within a goal of kncoking out the champs this year . I came within 3 numbers of winning LOTTOMAX last week , big deal

new season ....last year is old news...ask the Oilers what happened after they went to the cup

ask Calgary what they accomplished in the last 4 years with the same team

with Markov and georges we dont acquire Wiz and PK`s developement would of slowed big time casue he wouldnt get the ice time

your theory is useless ....this game is about building a core to work with and then getting momentum, breaks , luck with no injries and having the little things go your way like the Bruins this year ...who showed great character

but it comes down to having the nucleus to win something ....we dont

this core stinks period 3 years MARKOV...GIO...GOMEZ...COLE ...are done or gone ...Darche , Kosty, gill will be long gone b4 then

cammy and pleks will be 32 and none of these guys has any upside for this team

this team is built with PK , PRICE and we better pray max and eller turn into above average players and time will tell with TINORDI , NATHAN and LEBLANC

Boston , Philly and others have superior longer tern players you can build around

cole and Markov at 33 are made for team ready to win it all not us stuck in the middle of the pack .

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