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07-21-2011, 09:38 PM
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I think that if someone is tough, can skate and play D (which is half of the hockey sense requirement) - they are a leader. Automatically.

So there is overlap there.

I was tempted to answer: tough, score, skate, sense, defense because that's what a championship team needs. But maybe that's just some of the gaps we've had in our team in the past.

If I were to build the perfect player, it's probably a magnification of the things I do well on my own tiny hockey level. If I'm honest, I have: SOME sense (tho I give the puck away on risky plays too easily sometimes), speed (above average, not lightning), grit, scoring (I have nice shot, but I'm not exactly a sniper), chemistry (I think I do this very well - I've always listened to my coaches and understood that there is always a bigger picture... but that's maybe because I was never an enigmatic player --- an excellent category to add btw, nice job).

All types of players can have huge impacts, so this question will probably prompt many other questions once answered.

Would be fun to see another poll that asks for attributes for scoring lines -- along the same lines.

For instance, Montreal's top line of Cammy-Pleks-AK has:

Scoring, skating, shot power/accuracy, speed/agility (tho AK's agility is poor imo), and hockey sense.

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