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Originally Posted by nyhabsfan View Post
Someone has a different opinion of than you and he's a hater... Ya talk about maturity.
we'll see how this plays out.
Still no answer on if why he's not going to be a top 6 forward, so I'll give it to you.

total lack of effort

IF you REALLY look closely last year, it was ELLER busting his hump to make that line click.

It was Eller who passed AK TWICE on one shift on the back check..

But hey I'm talking to people who see the talent, not the complete player, so like I said let's see what happens this year.
Come on man. I saw your post in EVERY AK thread and every time is the same busll**** cliche. Its not a different opinion. Take a look at this thread, you're almost the only that can't accept AK were a valuable player for us. You can't see AK problem is not the lack of effort but consistency. You can't even credit him for his 20goals, 45 pts 6 winning goals, 140 hits. You can't see AK is giving an effort. You can't see when AK backchecks. You can't see when he blocks a shot from the guy with the hardest shot in the NHL that put him out for the game. You can't give him credit for playing well when he's demoted on the 3rd and 4th line (because yes he did play with Halpern last season and he did well). So yeah, don't even pretend that you're simply a guy that has a different opinion. You are clearly a hater.

First, the season hasn't started yet, did you read JM's mind by saying AK is NOT gonna be on the top 6. Second, even if he doesn't start on the top 6, that doesn't mean he's getting punished or not good enough. It just mean that we finally have some good depth offensively. You can't even understand that? Like seriously? And you dare come here and talk like a guy that watched hockey for over 30 years?

Total lacks of effort? See, another proof that you are a hater or simply ignorant. Again, AK problem is not the lack of effort. If you think I'm his brother or lover or anything immature that you can come up with. Go make a thread between AK is a lazy guy or simply and inconsistent guy that loses his focus when he struggles. You willl see what Habs fans think.

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