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07-22-2011, 08:38 AM
with the 10th pick..
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Originally Posted by Emma Royd View Post
I caught a handful of Pack games throughout the year, and I thought Kundratek was clearly the superior defenseman. I don't think Valentenko is going to be able to keep up at the NHL level. A lot of people have accused me of overstating his lack of mobility, but it's a big concern of mine. To me, he looks like his future is as a "meh" bottom pairing defenseman. Nothing to get excited over, AFAIC. I'd love to be wrong though.
i would say, based on what i saw last year and certainly in the playoffs, that vtank is the more ready player right now. his game right now today translates to a 3rd pair nhl dman.

sure his wheels arent his strong suit, but he brings things that this d corps lacks and he seemed comfortable enough last year with the speed of the game to warrant a solid looksee imo.

his toughness, his willingness to finish checks, and the occasional ''close to over the line'' nastiness is something we certainly lack near hanks crease. hes that guy that other teams will not want to play against. in fact, i would say that hes the closest thing to dylan mcilrath that we have right now. if people want to see the type of game mcilrath will play, look no further than vtank. im not saying the skills or upside are the same- they arent- big mac is clearly the more athletic player, but vtank will earn a spot on this team by pretending to be the player that we are all hoping mcilrath will be.

i will give you this, i do believe that ktek will be the better player overall. his skills [skating] are superior to vtank and thus his potential to be more than a 3rd pair guy is greater.

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