Thread: Prospect Info: The Brule/Kopitar Myth
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07-22-2011, 09:21 AM
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Originally Posted by leek View Post
Hey, I'll be among the first to not only agree it was like so many picks of the Jackets- to this day- the wrong pick. Secondly, you can't offend me easily. I just think there is a myth some (Portzline?) invented, and it grows and grows.

We are all so hopeful of Johansen. Was HE the right pick? Should it have been Fowler? Gormley? Are we more sure about Johansen than we were about Filatov? hmmm.... I hope you get my point. Brule was not a reach, maybe even less so than Filatov...
There is little to argue or debate with here. I'm simply stating a few things.

1. If you (by you I mean anyone reading this) fall for some weird "Dispatch mind control" thingy, frankly I don't care. There's really no reason to try and save you from that. I've seen too many people that put a lot of faith in the Dispatch, I've tried to convince them otherwise and it's done no good. It's much like trying to putt out the real information about Hitch and the urban legends. No matter how much information you have to disprove some of the urban legends, they don't want to believe. For some reason, some people around here want to believe the Dispatch. Don't ask me why.

2. The record really isn't set straight, with the information you have it really can't be settled. You've presented your case well, but you can't dispel the key argument.

3. I'm not convinced it's a myth. I'm not convinced it's not a myth. I can easily see Dougie over riding his scouts. I can see the scouts going off the board. Despite the hype, I remember not being thrilled with the draft pick. Not that I faulted management for their pick, just that I thought there were better options on the board. Much like I wasn't impressed with Klesla, LeClaire, Filatov, and Picard. I liked Nash, Jake, Brass, Moore. I was really very neutral with Johansen. I didn't have an opinion on Zherdev.

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