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Originally Posted by pepty View Post
The city already has a stadium at Lansdowne, they will pay for the refurbishment of that stadium which will still belong to the city.

OSEG will pay the cost of running the stadium and all cost overruns
They will provide the major tenants a CFL team and a soccer team.

OSEG are paying a large share of the money that is going into the project as a whole and assume a lot of the risk.

It is not a one sided deal at all.,

It is relatively common to have a clause in such a public/private partnership that, having agreed to rebuild a stadium with one group of partners they will not immediately upon completion agree with another group of partners to build another stadium in competition with the first, nothing nefarious about that.

Regarding the "miscalculation, it did not figure into the final amounts presented to council as has been explained to but ignored by the friends.

The auditing of the deal by the firm hired by the Friends was shown in court to be anything but independent, in fact the firm that was retained by the friends was given figures, arguments and charts etc wholesale by the lawyer of the FoL and any argument that they were independent has been completely discredited.

The city used Price Waterhouse and even hired a firm recommended by Ian Lee, one of the Friends who is strongly opposed to the project. It has been vetted and signed off by them and by other well respected organizations

The city walked the extra mile, but it seems the foL are determined to get rid of the stadium and anything that will bring people and life back to Lansdowne
Great post, ergo FOL folks are ignoring it. The Ian Lee part is a tough one for them to explain away.

If Landsdowne is not a go, and no stadium, as a tax payer I will demand that the city put the land up for sale for residental development, which includes a green space allocation appropriate for the new housing units that will go up there. After all, the city plan calls for housing intensification inside the Greenbelt, and this is a premium piece of land for a nice mix of garden homes, townhouses, and and some stand alone houses. Surely the Glebe folks will not have an issue with combating urban sprawl beyond the greenbelt.

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