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07-22-2011, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by hightide85 View Post
It's crazy that Rick Nash plays in Columbus. He has to be the least written-about star in the league.

I'm a BIG fan of Rick Nash.
I love Rick Nash, love his game, love watching him play.

But he hasn't been an elite performer the last 2 seasons. Could make the argument that he has no talent around him, but I mean, Gaborik scored 86 points in 09-10. I'd take Vermette and Umberger over Prospal and Christensen any day.

Originally Posted by broadwayblue View Post
True, stat's don't dictate everything. But to claim a guy who has never scored 25 goals or 55 points in a season is a top echelon player or a first line talent is a bit much. Does that mean Brandon can't play on the 1st line with Richards and Gaborik? Absolutely not. But that doesn't necessarily make him a 1st liner. Not all teams have 3 first line talents...most don't. So it's not like we are in a unique situation of having to plug a 2nd liner in to fill a gap. Heck, last year we only had 1 top line player on the team, so the fact that we now have 2/3 of a legit first line is already a big improvement.
I guess it's just up to an individuals discretion of what a "1st liner" is. I disagree with the public's opinion of what it entails. To me, a 1st line player is a player who can play on the 1st line, and bring something that wouldn't be there without him. I feel Dubinsky can bring something to a line that will make others around him better.

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