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07-22-2011, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Em Ancien View Post
One-dimensional offensive player with lackluster effort.

You forgot 'unlucky'.

Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
Best Case:
his ego/pride seriously affected after last year, he has the best off-season of his life, spends time watching old videos from his best days in NJ, and remembers what it was like to actually "be" the man as opposed to just being paid like the man, and desperately wants to be that kind of impact player again... believes he can do it and is determined to show that it wasn't just riding on other players coat tails.
puts up ppg pace, while playing like an elite playmaking centre, making his linemates better and boosting the entire offense by preventing teams from concentrating on Plek's line.

Worst Case:
he has the same kind of epiphany, works his butt off, then comes out flat nonetheless. Confidence gets shattered, excuses take over, media/fans get on his case as he stumbles through the first half as bad or worse than last year... requests if not demands a trade, but PG's unable to find a suitor, situation gets ugly and becomes a distraction.

Most likely:
comes to camp in good shape, starts the season well enough, puts up points riding on wingers & Markov's coattails, production is enough to keep boo-birds at bay, he's content to be a 50-60pt player and the team does well enough and media/fans tolerate his lopsided salary-cap hit vs. contributions. PG finds a willing team to take his contract in the off-season, or even at the deadline if Eller is playing well enough & he gets a strong enough offer.
Pretty muc how I think it will go except I don't see Gomez going away. We can all dream I guess though.

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