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10-21-2003, 06:33 PM
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Originally Posted by HabFan1084

I too would find myself doubting if someone came on the board and said he was related to so and so, but then I would just take his word on it. This guy would have to be a real dork to go online and post saying that he is related to a player when he really wasn't. It just wastes everyones time. So Im sure some of you guys dont believe me, and thats fine by me. I never rubbed it in anyones face that I am related to Chris or made a bogus claim about him or any events. I read this site for a while until I decided that it would be cool to get some details and relate them on to you guys. If you dont think I am his brother thats fine, and read my posts with a grain of salt. Makes no difference to me whether you think I am his brother or not, I just thought it would be cool to answer some questions, and when I talk to my brother to relate the information on to you guys here. So I guess you'll have to take my word for it for now.

Oh, there is one guy you could ask here to get some ''proof''. User VINMONTY went to Avon Old Farms with my brother, he was one or two years older than Chris. They played on the same soccer and hockey teams together. He plays hockey at Assumption College. So if your that curious then you can PM him and ask. Him and I talk pretty regularly on here, PM-ing each other when we get a chance.

As for Chris' situation, right now he doesnt know what his deal is with the Habs. He hasnt dressed the last few games, which is kind of pointing to the fact that he will be sent down to Hamiliton. But only time will tell.

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Don't worry , I don't care if you aren't chris's brother I will always consider you has a Habs Fan , just post info on board it's always appreciated . You have to understand people because it's hard to believe that a poster is a brother of a future NHL'er . ( Excuse my english )

P.S I trust you when you say that you are Chris Brother , Personally Chris is my favorite prospect .