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10-21-2003, 05:34 PM
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Mike Komisarek: Chris does read the website, but every once and a while. He got me turned onto the website

hockey_nut : I didnt know that he was practicing on Koviu's wing, but next time I talk to him Ill ask and drop you a message

Mikey_s_: Thanks for the support buddy

Perez: Yeah he knows I write about him..Obviously he does, when I talk to him I ask him alot of questions and write the info here. The information that I find out is generally that which isnt secretive. Like when I went to the home opener, we walked downstairs to his car. In front of us was Theodore, and his brother and their girlfriends. It was their ''payday'' and Theo made a joke not to spend it all in one place. I thought that was pretty hilarious.

Mike Komisarek: Dont feel that you are drilling me. Id be skeptical to, but a little faith in someone never hurt. My suitemates webcam/camera is in Colorado, where he lives. So i dont know how you can believe. If you dont think that he is my brother fine, it doesnt matter to me. Ill post here anyway, and if you dont believe me, well what am I going to do? Like I said before, you can PM user VINMONTY, he went to prep school with my brother. I talk to him regularly, you can ask him if you care so much.

habsfan19: Thanks alot man

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